Your question: Why did they stop making Royalex canoes?

What has replaced Royalex?

When the supply of Royalex dried up years ago, Arkansas-based canoe makers who rely on the material found themselves up a creek without a paddle. But these days, with the help of Canadian canoe company Esquif’s replacement product dubbed T-Formex, two Northwest Arkansas canoe makers are back in business.

How long will a Royalex canoe last?

A Canoe will usually last for about 10-15 years before it needs major repairs or to be replaced.

Are Royalex canoes any good?

Royalex® is a highly durable canoe material that is strong, flexible, and abrasion-resistant. Royalex canoes are incredibly tough. This makes them the ideal choice for sportsmen, whitewater paddlers, families and kids, or anybody who wants a very durable canoe.

What is Tformex?

T-Formex is a high tech ABS plastic laminate, specially designed for products that require structural memory and a resistance to abrasion and impacts. These characteristics make it the best choice for canoes. When we produce T-Formex we build it in sheets and these sheets of material are baked in an oven.

Is Royalex a plastic?

Royalex is a composite material, comprising an outer layer of vinyl and hard acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic (ABS) and an inner layer of ABS foam. The layers are bonded by heat treatment. It is used for manufacture of durable, mid-priced canoes.

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How long does an Old Town canoe last?

HOW LONG DOES COVERAGE LAST? The hull and deck of any Old Town canoe and kayak products are covered the lifetime of the boat from the Consumer’s original purchase date. For blemished boats or those marked as BLEMS, the hull and deck are covered (5) five years from Consumer’s original purchase date.

Is Royalex the same as Kevlar?

Royalex is also less sensitive to U.V. … So if you are looking for a durable canoe that is lighter and more affordable than the more expensive Kevlar and Carbon canoes, Royalex is a great option. Kevlar Canoes. Lightweight with extreme performance capabilities would some up the benefits of a Kevlar Canoe.

Can you wax a Royalex canoe?

To beautify, we suggest a vinyl protectant product such as Armor All®, 303 Products or Pledge. These are safe for use on any of our Polyethylene, Superlinear, Royalex® and Fiberglass canoes or kayaks. We do not recommend waxing your hull with a paste wax, such as most car waxes.

What is Oltonar?

In the early 1970s the company began using Royalex in canoe manufacture (called “Oltonar” by Old Town for many years), an ABS composite plastic. This successfully competed with aluminum and fibre glass canoe makers who nearly put many of the handcrafted wood and canvas builders out of business.