Your question: How do you use a raft sprinkler?

What are Pipes for in raft?

Summary. The original Pipe was used to transport Biofuel between the Biofuel Tank and Engines, but after the addition of the Electric Purifier and Water Pipe, the Pipe was renamed to Fuel Pipe.

How do you get grass in the raft?

To grow grass, one needs to make sure that it is supplied with water. It is recommended to make a Sprinkler near your grass plot unless you want to pour water manually all the time. Now we have a farm and we will need an animal. On the island, you will find animals that can be tamed as mentioned earlier.

How do sprinklers work in islands?

The basic sprinkler is used to water crops to speed up their growth rate, having the same use as the watering can. A water storage block, such as the water catcher and the water barrel, has to be placed nearby in order for the sprinkler to function.

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