You asked: Which surf is best?

Which detergent is best?

10 Best Detergent Powder for Washing Machine in India 2021

  • Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder.
  • Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder.
  • Henko Stain Care Powder.
  • Syclone Matic Top Load Detergent Powder for Washing Machine.
  • Tide Plus Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder.
  • Rin Advanced Detergent Powder.

Is Ariel or Surf Excel better?

Among these, Ariel consumes only less water and remove stains in short period of time while surf excel consumes huge water and take much time to remove tough stains. So I recommend people to go for ariel than surf excel.

Is washing liquid or powder better?

For cleaner clothes and fewer washing machine issues, stick with liquid. When it comes to washing your clothes, powder and liquid detergents aren’t that different. Liquid detergent is better at greasy stains, while powder detergent is better at getting mud out.

Which one is better RIN or Tide?

In bars, Tide significantly trails behind Rin. According to a South Mumbai-based retailer, “Both P&G and HUL pay almost similar margins at 5 per cent for their detergents. However, Tide is ahead of Rin in the powder segment while Rin sells more bars than Tide. ”

Why is Persil so good?

Persil offers a high level of enzymes and the other cleaning ingredients that are needed to remove tough stains and body soil. While the formula does not contain as many cleaning enzymes, it does a very good job on all but the toughest grease stains.

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Is Surf Excel better than Tide?

In detergency (washing performance), active ingredients and ash built-up tests, Surf Excel Matic, Surf Excel Quick Wash, Tide and Active Wheel scored highest in their respective categories. The test findings reveal that the costliest detergents are the better cleaners.

Which is more eco friendly washing powder or liquid?

Powder is bulkier and costs more to transport, but its cardboard packaging is easier to recycle, or re-use as mulch on weeds. Liquid detergent uses more water, and its large plastic bottles are a burden for waste centres.

Does powder detergent dissolve in cold water?

Using the cold water setting on a washing machine uses less energy, but unfortunately powder detergent doesn’t dissolve easily in cold water. … Liquid detergent, on the other hand, dissolves in water of all temperature ranges, so you don’t have to worry about this occurring.