You asked: How do you clarify broth with a raft?

How does a clarification work what is a raft?

Clarification is the combination of the following ingredients: – lean ground meat, … – and tomato or other acidic ingredients. Referring to a raft, the clarification begins directly after the raft because the raft combines all the particles within the stock and after that is when one clarifies.

How do you clarify broth with egg shells?


  1. Filter your stock as much as possible. …
  2. Beat the egg whites with water and the acid.
  3. Crush the eggshells and whisk them into the egg mixture.
  4. Mix the egg whites into the stock, turn up the heat and bring it all to a boil.
  5. Turn down the heat when it boils and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

How do you remove a raft from a consomme?

If you don’t keep the mixture active, it will stick to the bottom on the pot and burn… After it begins to boil, the mixture will float off the bottom of the pot, and you’ll be safe. When the mixture begins to boil, stop stirring, or you’ll break the raft.

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What is main purpose of a raft when making clear soups?

Stop stirring. The clear- meat will gradually coagulate and rise to the top as a crust, called the “raft.” The raft acts as a filter, trapping all the tiny suspended particles as they bubble up through it. Use a ladle or a large spoon to poke a hole in the raft, called a chimney, if a hole doesn’t form naturally.

What does clarify mean cooking?

The process of removing impurities from a liquid such as melted butter, meat stock, or vegetable stock. This is usually accomplished by skimming the surface of the liquid as it is heated.

What is a raft and how is it used to clarify a stock for a consommé?

Here’s a simple way to clarify a stock: Stir beaten egg whites into simmering broth. Stop stirring and the egg whites will rise to the surface, forming—you guessed it—a raft. As it bubbles, the raft attracts all stray particles.

What do Egg shells do in broth?

Adding egg shells to a brown stock is a great way of clarifying the base. It creates a ‘raft’ which helps absorbs the impurity’s which would otherwise spoil your stock.

What is difference between broth and consommé?

These terms are somewhat, but not completely, interchangeable. Broth is the liquid that remains after meat, seafood, or vegetables have been cooked in water. … Consomme is a clear liquid that results from clarifying homemade stock. This is usually done with egg whites.

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What is the process used to maintain consommé clarity?

1. Strain the consommé, cool it as much as you can, then slowly add it to a mixture of ice cubes and egg whites. 2. Carefully return to a simmer as in the basic method and proceed with the clarification.