Where can I go white water rafting in Utah?

Is white water rafting hard?

While white water rafting is well known for the thrills and adrenaline rushes that it offers, it’s also a great opportunity to bond with friends, get an intense upper body workout and connect with nature. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessarily difficult.

How much do you tip a white water rafting guide?

Tip a white water rafting guide between 5 and 20% of the overall cost of your rafting trip. Between $5 and $20 per person, is usually acceptable.

Can you swim in the emerald pools at Zion?

Swimming is not allowed in the Emerald Pools.

Is there anywhere to swim in Zion?

The Pine Creek Waterfall swimming hole is a little-known, off-the-beaten-path secret in Zion National Park. On a hot summer day, park visitors find the brisk water of this swimming hole refreshing and delightful. Pine Creek is a wonderful place to get away from the heat that is often prevalent Zion Canyon.

Can you swim at Zion?

It is possible to swim in Zion National Park in several swimming holes along the Virgin River, a major river that runs through the park. Zion is also home to a large canyon with natural tunnels at the base where more swimming holes can be found.

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