What side do you wear a snorkel?

Why don’t you dive with a snorkel in your mouth?

When you breath-hold dive underwater with a snorkel in your mouth, you typically use your tongue to seal the mouth piece. Your tongue essentially acts as a small barrier stopping the water inside your snorkel running through the mouth piece and into your lungs. This isn’t very safe.

Where do you attach a snorkel to a mask?

The snorkel should run up alongside the side of your face at your temple. It should be noted that divers will need to have a snorkel attached to the left side of the mask, whereas snorkelers can place the snorkel on either the left or the right side.

Do you need a snorkel to free dive?

This sport is open to anyone who wants to get in the water as you don’t need to have any experience in snorkeling or scuba to get started. Freedivers simply have to hold their breath—some even enter a trance-like state of mind by relaxing the mind and focusing on their breathing—as they explore the underwater world.

Can you use a snorkel without a mask?

Without a mask, you would need to plug your nose or attempt to not breathe out of your nose the entire time you are underwater, a mask prevents this and basically ensures that you are inhaling through the mouthpiece of the snorkel instead of through your nose.

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