What should I look for in a dive computer?

What do dive computers tell you?

A dive computer provides the real-time dive information you need to dive well. A dive computer takes depth and time information and applies it to a decompression model to track the dissolved nitrogen in your body during a dive. Your computer continuously tells you how much dive time you safely have remaining.

Is a dive computer worth it?

Why You Need a Dive Computer

A dive computer is much more accurate than using dive tables (and WAY more modern). … This function allows you to stay safely underwater as long as possible, whereas, dive tables are only based upon the deepest part of your dive, not crediting you for the shallower parts.

What is best dive computer?

Comparison Table Best Dive Computer

Name Buttons Rating
Aqua Lung i450T 4 4.4
Suunto D5 3 4.8
Scubapro Galileo 2 3 5.0
Garmin Descent Mk1 5 5.0

How long will a dive computer last?

Keep in mind: If a diver makes a single dive on a computer, the computer keeps computing tables for as long as 24 hours afterward. So if someone dives an hour a day with his computer, the computer is still runs up to 300 days.

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How deep can dive computers go?

A version called “Fused RGBM”, for deep diving, switches between “Technical RGBM” and “Full RGBM” for open circuit and rebreather dives to a maximum of 150 m.

Do dive computers have a compass?

Navigation. A key element to any scuba diver’s gear is his/her compass available either in an Integrated Digital Compass on your dive computer or as an analog compass on your scuba dive gauge. It lets you know where you’re heading and how to get back to your boat or shore.

How much should you spend on a dive computer?

Dive computers can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500+ USD. Recreational divers probably don’t need to spend more than $500 USD, if that. You can get some really great models for less, and you’ll only need to pay more if you want a technical computer that features air integration.

Can you dive without a dive computer?

Yes, you can absolutely dive without a computer; between knowing how to plan your dives and diving conservatively, you shouldn’t need a computer.

Why are diving computers so expensive?

The scuba market is rather limited, so there is not the mass demand for the products, as there may be with other ordinary products. Less demand= less production= higher costs.

Is it illegal to scuba dive without certification?

It is not illegal to dive without certification, but no reputable dive center or club would allow someone to dive with them without first being certified to scuba dive. … It’s not that diving is difficult, it just requires a specific set of skills.

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Do dive computers have GPS?

Built-in sensors include 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter as well as GPS and GLONASS capability that lets you mark your dive entry and exit points¹ for surface navigation.

What is the easiest dive computer to use?

Comparison Table Best Beginner Dive Computers

Name Style Screen Size
Cressi Leonardo Wrist Medium
Suunto Zoop Novo Wrist Large
Mares Smart Watch Small
Suunto D4i Novo Watch Small

How often should a regulator be serviced?

In order to maintain the product warranty and optimum performance your regulator must receive service from an authorized XXXXXXXXXX dealer every 24 months or 300 hours of use, whichever comes first.

How often should I get my BCD serviced?

Your regulator should be serviced annually (with some brands 2 years, and we will talk about this shortly) no matter if you have 1 dive or 100 dives.

How long should a BCD last?

The variables are; About two weeks worth of Caribbean diving/year. (Wish it was more!) Good, frequent rinsing during the dive trips.