What is a whisker pole for in sailing?

Is a whisker pole necessary?

By projecting the headsail out to weather and out of the mainsail’s “wind shadow”, the headsail can fill and stabilize. Without a whisker pole, the headsail will flop from side to side, limp and useless. The use of a whisker pole will allow “wing on wing” sailing dead downwind with surprising performance.

What is the difference between a whisker pole and a spinnaker pole?

Whisker poles are sized to match the size of the foot of the sail that they are working, while spinnaker poles are sized to match the distance from the mast to the bow, also known as the boat’s “J” dimension. Because of this, Whisker Poles tend to be significantly longer than spinnaker poles for the same boat.

Can a spinnaker pole be used as a whisker pole?

A spinnaker pole with a declared length not longer than 1.1 * ‘J’ can be used as a whisker pole to trim headsails.

Can you use a whisker pole for a spinnaker?

Spinnakers are the traditional answer to downwind sailing. They work pretty well, but are a lot of work to put up and take down, even asymmetrical chutes are tricky and they are difficult to fly dead downwind. A properly used whisker pole will allow the headsail to add considerable power and speed to downwind sailing.

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How long should a whisker pole be?

A whisker pole should be approxi- mately as long as the foot of the sail you intend to pole out. * Max available SPL with composite end fittings, attached to a fixed mast ring. If the pole is to be “Dip Gybe”, max available SPL is increased by 165 mm.

How long should my spinnaker pole be?

Spinnaker Pole Length is normally equal to the “J” Dimension of the boat, but some classes allow for a longer Pole, the maximum length usually being expressed as a percentage of “J” (e.g., 110%). A Reaching Strut is used in conjunction with a Spinnaker Pole.

What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat called?

Mast: The mast is a large, vertical pole that holds the sails up. Some boats have more than one mast.