What is a surf wax comb?

What can I use instead of a wax comb?

An actual “wax comb” is not a necessity and a variety of materials can be used that have a straight edge and are slightly flexible, but not sharp, such as a plastic putty knife or scraper. The best way to accomplish this task is to use a scraping device in combination with a heat source and “magic dust”.

Is surf wax important?

Surfboard wax provides grip and traction for your feet on your surfboard. Surf wax also stops you from sliding off your board while paddling out to the waves. It is about essential to successful surfing as a surfboard and a decent wave.

Does acetone remove surfboard wax?

Do the final clean-up. You can use acetone or plain flour to achieve a wax-free shiny look. Just dab your paper towel in acetone and rub it on your board. If you are using flour, just spread it all over your board and disperse it properly.

How do you remove wax from a board?

Set board in the sun for about 15 minutes, or carefully apply heat with a heat gun or hairdryer. Scrape wax off with wax comb. If wax remain, use flour or a wax remover to loosen excess wax.

Can you use rubbing alcohol on surfboard?

If you just picked up a new board make sure to clean the surface of the board with rubbing alcohol before gluing your traction pad down. … Once the board “looks” clean apply rubbing alcohol to remove any grease residue from the old pad which may be on the surface of the board.

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Does surf wax temperature matter?

Yes there is a big difference between each temperature of surf wax. The difference between cold, cool, warm, and tropical surf wax is the hardness. As the water temp increases surf wax tends to break down and get softer so you need a harder wax to with stand the temp otherwise the wax would melt off your board.

Does surf wax go bad?

Surfboard wax in bar form does not expire, however once applied to your surfboard wax “expires”. Eventually, it will become a smooth grey blob on top of your board that needs to be changed. … When it gets to this point, it’s time to re-wax your board.