Question: Where can I surf in Noosa?

What’s the surf like in Noosa?

It’s slow inconsistent and high volume boards are a must. Mid tide is producing only shore breaks at most places and the light NE is starting to make bumpy conditions. Some shallow banks are providing rideable waves as the tide drops.

What swell direction is best for Noosa?

With the prevailing swell direction for Australia’s East Coast being south easterly the headland of Noosa National Parks blocks all but the largest of swells from wrapping into its protected points, and the optimum swell direction is from the east or north east with the wind blowing from the south.

Is Sunshine Beach a good surf beach?

Sunshine Beach is a peaky open beach break with a lot more size than some of the other point breaks in the Sunshine Coast area. This also means in the summer time it is more susceptible to cross and onshore winds (NE & SE) creating choppy messy surf.

Do you need a permit to drive on the beach at Noosa?

Vehicle access permits are required to access the beaches and some tracks in the Cooloola Recreation Area. … The beach between first and third cuttings on the Noosa North Shore at the southern end of Teewah Beach is closed; drivers are required to use the inland bitumen bypass road.

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Is Noosa North Shore patrolled?

Please note the beach is not patrolled. Located on a stretch of the spectacular Cooloola Coast which stretches from Noosa to Double Island Point up to Fraser Island. Access to the beach by 4WD vehicles is located less than 1km north of the park entrance.