Is it safe to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef?

Is snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef worth it?

Regardless of whether you decide to snorkel or scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef is a stunning natural beauty and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I definitely recommend paying it a visit!

Can you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef for free?

Once at your first coral reef site you have the choice of snorkeling or scuba diving. Yes, even if you have no previous diving experience you can dive underwater – your first dive is included in your Cairns reef trip for free!

How many shark attacks have there been in the Great Barrier Reef?

Of those 82 incidents, there is a global average of 4 fatalities a year. The Great Barrier Reef has five million tourists every year so the numbers are helpful is assessing the real risk of a shark attack.

What Are The Statistics On Shark Attacks At The Great Barrier Reef.

Year Deaths
2018 1
2020 3

Are sharks attracted to period blood?

Medical Mythbuster: Will Swimming in the Ocean During Your Period Attract Sharks? While it’s true that a shark’s sense of smell is powerful and that menstrual fluid contains blood, there’s no scientific evidence that women swimming in the ocean while having their period are more likely to be bitten by a shark.

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Are there great white sharks in the Coral Sea?

At least ten species of pelagic sharks move through the Coral Sea including shortfin mako, bronze whalers, oceanic whitetips, hammerheads, tiger, and great white sharks. The Coral Sea is also home to a rare whale shark aggregation and 52 species of deepwater sharks and rays, 18 of which are unique to the area.

Do you need a wetsuit to snorkel Great Barrier Reef?

You may be semi-underwater when snorkelling, but unless you have a full stinger or wetsuit on, there’s a chance you will get sunburnt. The sun’s rays reflect on the surface of the water so even on overcast days, you need to apply sun protection.

What is the cheapest way to see the Great Barrier Reef?

Several operators can take you to Low Isles, however Reef Sprinter’s Low Isles Reef Tour is one of the most affordable options. It takes just 15 thrilling minutes to get there, and you’ll score 90 minutes to snorkel the waters and reef before you, or head out on a glass bottom boat tour.

How much money do tourists spend at the Great Barrier Reef?

If we split the $56 billion asset value down into its parts: Australians who have visited the Reef as tourists – on their honeymoon, on a family holiday, on a bucket-list trip – derive $29 billion in value. Australians that have not yet visited the Reef – but value knowing that it exists – derive $24 billion in value.

What is the water temperature at the Great Barrier Reef?

Coral needs warm water to live and grow, and the sea around the Great Barrier Reef maintains a steady water temperature of between 71F or 22C to 28F or 82C throughout the year. Diving, surfing and sailing are all popular pastimes in this glorious region, and you’re almost guaranteed great conditions.

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