How do you make surf wax remover?

Does alcohol remove Surf Wax?

Place the old wax in one location and dispose of it in the trash when you are finished. You can leave the board like this and it will have a slight residue of wax still remaining which is fine as it will be clean, but if you want to remove all of the wax you can use denatured alcohol and a clean rag and finish the job.

How do you make wax remover?

Homemade Wax Remover

Wipe the whole floor clean so that there is no debris left. Then, in a bucket of hot water mix together white vinegar (at least 1 cup) and baking soda (½ cup). Next, pour some water on the floor and allow the water to stay for 5 to 10 minutes.

What dissolves surfboard wax?

How to Remove Old Wax From a Surfboard

  • Set board in the sun for about 15 minutes, or carefully apply heat with a heat gun or hairdryer.
  • Scrape wax off with wax comb.
  • If wax remain, use flour or a wax remover to loosen excess wax.

Can I clean my surfboard with alcohol?

You can quickly wipe down the board and start your sealcoat in minutes. Pour 2 oz of denatured alcohol on the board before seal coating and wipe with a lint free cloth or Tee-shirt to remove contaminants. DNA is also great for removing sticky tape or sticker residue on your surfboard.

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Does vinegar remove floor wax?

Cleaning waxed surfaces – vinegar dissolves the wax, and should not be used to clean waxed furniture. However, vinegar is a reliable option for removing an old coat of wax from a surface. … Thus, vinegar should never be used to clean stone. A mix of mild dish detergent and warm water ought to do the trick.

What removes wax from skin?


  • Dip a cotton pad in mineral oil, massage oil, or olive oil. Warmer oil works better than cold oil.
  • Hold the soaked pad on the wax residue until it’s saturated — about two minutes.
  • Wipe off the wax residue with a clean cotton pad.

Can you pour boiling water on a surfboard?

Do not use boiling water on your board since it might ruin it. Some hot or warm water is enough. If you are going to use any solvent to clean the wax, make sure that it’s safe to use on your board. Make time to clean your surfboard and apply a new coat regularly.

What can I use instead of a wax comb?

An actual “wax comb” is not a necessity and a variety of materials can be used that have a straight edge and are slightly flexible, but not sharp, such as a plastic putty knife or scraper. The best way to accomplish this task is to use a scraping device in combination with a heat source and “magic dust”.

Is it bad to leave wax on your surfboard?

Wax doesn’t harm your surfboard, so it’s fine for it to stay for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave the same wax job on forever. When surfing regularly, the wax on your board will get dirty, lose traction and get too thick in areas.

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Can I use white spirit to clean surfboard?

Once satisfied that you’ve removed most of the wax – grab some white spirit and an old cloth. Soak the cloth with spirit and rub the remaining wax off. The spirit will dissolve the wax and turn your board into a pristine, sparkling, object of desire!