How do you flake a jib sail?

How do you fold an Opti sail?


  1. Remove the wind vane to free up the head tie and halyard preventer.
  2. Untie the line from the tack to the mast.
  3. Take the vang out of the cleat.
  4. Unclip the boom fork from the mast.
  5. Slide the mast down towards the foot, leaving the sail ties on the sail.
  6. Roll the sail on the boom, minimizing creases.

What does hoist the sails mean?

to raise a flag or sail to its highest position on a pole. Synonyms and related words. Sailing and boating.

How do you store a main sail?

The best way to store your sails is to roll them up. Spread out your sail in a large flat area, and then roll it from head to foot, parallel with any battens. If storage space is an issue, you can flake your sail first, and then roll it luff to leech.

How do you put down a Valheim sail?

Steering is relatively simple, since you have to use the A and D buttons. Then, there’s the matter of lowering the sails. You do that by pressing W once or twice while moving slowly with the rudder. If your sail is pointing with the wind, you’ll begin to sail.

Can adults sail Optimist?

Optis are sailed by kids as young as five* years old and can be officially raced by kids up to age fifteen. Although it’s possible for a parent to sail an Optimist alone or with a small child, realistically adult sized sailors just don’t fit well. That’s part of the magic behind why they work so perfectly for kids.

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How long are Opti sail ties?

The standard length for the sail ties is: Corners: five 3 mm wide, 60 cm/ 24″ long. Eyelets: twelve1. 5 mm wide, 50 cm/19″ long.

How do you store an opti?

4. If possible, your Optimist should be stored indoors for the winter. If that is not possible, it should be stored upside down; in it’s cover, on padded racks. Do NOT shrink-wrap your Optimist.