How do you attach snorkel to goggles?

How do you attach a snorkel to a face mask?

If using a snorkel keeper clip, you must remove the strap from the mask and attach the snorkel keeper clip to the strap of the mask. Then you will connect the strap back to the mask with the snorkel keeper clip attached in place on the side of the mask you chose.

Which side of the mask should a snorkel be attached to and how is it attached?

Divers carry the snorkel on the left side. This is because the regulator is on the right side. The snorkel should not come into contact with this regulator and is therefore attached on the left side.

On which side should snorkel go?

While this is not a huge deal, it should be noted that snorkels are traditionally worn on the left side of the head. This is because snorkels are a necessary accessory for scuba diving, and are positioned on the left side to avoid entangling with the regulator hoses on the right side.

What equipment is needed for snorkeling?

Essential Snorkeling Gear

You’ll only need a properly fitting mask, a snorkel, and a comfortable set of fins. Optional gear include a disposable underwater camera, a thin wetsuit, and flotation gear depending on your needs.

Can people with specs do snorkeling?

If you have a slightly blurry vision, this shouldn’t be a problem for most dives. Also, poor underwater visibility will not let you see very far, anyway. … You can’t wear your prescription glasses during dives either, as the masks will not seal onto your face.

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What is a snorkel keeper?

Secure your snorkel to your mask, so you will always know where it is. Simple snorkel keeper to secure your snorkel to your mask. … -The Silicone rings slip easily over the end of most snorkels and are then looped through the mask strap before being secured by re-slipping the loop over the end of the snorkel again.