Frequent question: How much does a clear kayak cost?

Are clear kayaks worth it?

Getting the clear kayak is part of the experience, and I found to be worth it despite it being scratched at the bottom. It was an incredible experience to see what was around me underwater in the clear kayak. The tour guide my group had was also very knowledgeable about the park during our tour.

How much does a kayak usually cost?


Type of Kayak Average Price
Inflatable Kayak $70
Beginner Kayak $250
Fishing Kayak $300
White Water Kayak $1,095

How long are crystal kayaks?

Each Crystal Explorer Kayak comes with 2 Basic paddles, but you upgrade to our Deluxe paddles.

Crystal Explorer Kayak.

Length: 11′ 1″ (338 cm) Width: 33.5″ (85 cm) Depth: 11″ (28 cm)
Hull Material: 6mm thick 100% virgin Spanish Imported GE™ Lexan™ UV Protection: 40 micron DOUBLE UV layer prevents yellowing Frame: T6 6061 Anodized Aluminum

Is kayaking an expensive hobby?

Although kayaking may seem like the type of activity that would cost a lot of money to start, it can be relatively affordable if you do your research. Don’t let that price tag deter you from getting into the sport of kayaking!

What are the clear kayaks called?

Named the Crystal Explorer, these crystal-clear ergonomic kayaks are made from molded Lexan, a type of polycarbonate which is known to be a strong, tough and extremely durable plastic. And because they’re made with Lexan, the kayaks are also fairly lightweight, coming in at just 47 pounds.

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Where do you launch the kayak in Tobermory?

Cypress Lake, located in the Bruce National Park, is also a good paddling spot. National Park fees apply for both Little Cove Beach and Cypress Lake. Flowerpot Island (6.5km from Tobermory) and other islands are great ones to paddle to however this is for experienced paddlers and the weather also plays a big role.