Does Silver Surfer die in Fantastic Four?

How did Silver Surfer die?

Then when Stardust is revealed to be alive, it and the Silver Surfer both agree to become Galactus’ heralds together. Later the Surfer tracks down Proemial Gods, Aegis and Tenebrous, which led him to almost being killed when he is thrown into the energy form that is known as the Crunch.

Who dies in Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer?

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

General Hager – Killed with an energy blast by Doctor Doom. Sue Storm-Richards/The Invisible Woman – Impaled in the chest by Doctor Doom with comsic power; (aiming for the silver surfer.)

Who killed Galactus?

As Galactus tells the planet he’s going to feast on it to sustain his hunger, Silver Surfer warns him of something coming towards him that’s even faster than him. That’s when Hyperion speeds through the cosmic juggernaut’s head, bursting through the back of his skull, instantly killing Galactus.

Is Silver Surfer good or bad?

The Silver Surfer has come quite a way since his time spent as the herald of Galactus. … In his many journeys, Norrin Radd has proven to be an extremely powerful hero. So much, in fact, that there is a good argument to be had that this cosmic surfer is the most powerful character in the Marvel universe.

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Is Silver Surfer stronger than Thanos?

The Silver Surfer has “the power cosmic”, which lets him alter the fabric and energy of the universe. … Thanos has powerful survivability, and has curbed the Silver Surfer’s attacks in the comic books, but depending on the conditions, the Silver Surfer could be capable of destroying Thanos.

Is Silver Surfer a villain?

Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) is a major antagonist turned supporting character in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He was once an alien being from a distant planet.

Silver Surfer (Story series)
Gender Male
Movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Game Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Is Silver Surfer Dr Doom?

In September, Jones was confirmed to portray the Silver Surfer in addition to Julian McMahon reprising his role as Doctor Doom. The Baxter Building was also redesigned.