Can you row on the Thames?

Where can you row on the Thames?

Dorney Lake in Buckinghamshire was opened specifically as a rowing lake besides the Thames, and has become the venue for a few events that formerly took place on the river.


Event Skiff Championships Regatta
Month August
Area or Lock Reach Hambleden Lock
Approx Start Point Henley on Thames
Direction Down

Do you need a licence to row on the Thames?

If you’re paddling on the non tidal section of the river (Cricklade Bridge to Teddington) yes, you need either a non powered pleasure craft licence available from the environment agency here or join the British Canoeing here.

Where is the deepest part of the Thames?

This happens on occasions when the tide is above the height of the weir and the lock keepers allow boats to travel through the lock without stopping. At London Bridge, where the tides are measured, the depth of the Thames at low water is about 20 metres at its deepest.

Can I paddleboard on the Thames?

Stand-up paddleboarding is a growing recreational activity on the tidal Thames. Providing you follow the Tideway Code then you may paddleboard between Teddington Lock and Putney Pier during the day. … If you are interested in paddling on the Thames, we strongly suggest joining one of the many paddling clubs on the river.

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Can I Kayak the Thames?

Yes you can canoe or kayak on the Thames or use any type of craft on the non-tidal River Thames between Cricklade Bridge and Teddington Lock, and the short section of the tidal River Thames between Teddington Lock and the Port of London Authority’s boundary, including backwaters and marinas.

Can you row from Oxford to London?

3 days) Oxford to London (approx. 6 days) – or anything in between! In total the Thames offers 130 miles of navigable river upstream of London. Camp sites, riverside pubs and beautiful scenery are plentiful and for the most part the rowing is easy.

What is the yellow line and circular hanging discs on the underside of Hammersmith Bridge for?

What is the yellow line on the underside of Hammersmith Bridge for? b) it shows the racing line for the Boat Race.

How fast can you go on the River Thames?

How fast can I go? The River Thames has a speed limit of 8 kilometres per hour (approximately 5 mph). You’ll find a handy guide to the time it takes to get between the different locks at this speed on the Environment Agency website. You should also allow extra time to pass through the locks.