Can you bodyboard at the wave Bristol?

Can you swim at the wave Bristol?

Yes. You’re going to get wet either way…

Is the wave Bristol worth it?

It’s particularly good for those looking to improve their speed generation skills and practice cutties and little lip taps, but challenging enough to be fun for most levels, right the way up to those who can do more critical wraps and blow their fins on their top turns.

How cold is the wave Bristol?

It’s pretty shallow! About knee deep where the wave breaks, however it doesn’t feel at all dangerous, as there’s always a nice white water cushion to land on and the instructors advise you on the best form of dismount. How cold is the water? At the moment it’s around 13 degrees C– so most people are in a 4/3 and boots.

How deep is the wave pool Bristol?

The planned dimensions of the pool are 300 metres (980 ft) long by 100 metres (330 ft) wide and 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) deep. The firm plans to host a High-Performance Surfing Centre and surf contests.

What can I take to the wave Bristol?

However during this time, we’d recommend that those surfing in the intermediate and advanced area bring their own wetsuit and surfboard if they have them. In the winter months we would also suggest you bring gloves, boots, hoods and thermal rash vests should you own them. Don’t forget your towel and bathing suit.

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How many waves do you get at the wave Bristol?

There are usually 15-20 waves per set (depending on group size) with around 1-2 minutes between sets – so once you’re ‘out back’ again you can chill out and wait for the next round of waves to start.

How much does the wave cost?


2021 General Admission Pricing Price
Over 42″ Admission $22.95
Under 42″ Admission $17.95
Senior Admission (60yrs or better) $13.95
Happy Hour (last 2 hours) $10.95

Is there WIFI at the wave Bristol?

Is there wifi? There is WIFI on site.

Who is in the Wave House TikTok?

With a following of 4.1 million on TikTok alone, The Wave House reimagines entertainment for global Gen Z audiences, all set in a $20 million luxury property near London. The mansion hosts both British and American TikTok influencers including the likes of Ehiz, Jimbo Hall and Reagan Yorke.