Best answer: How do you start water on a wakeboard?

How do I get started on a wakeboard?

Beginner Wakeboarding Tricks

The first tricks to learn on a wakeboard are toeside one-way jumps, heelside one-way jumps, and surface 180s & switch riding. When you have these basics on lock, you can start trying some spins on your wakeboard. Start by going for frontside 180s, both heelside and toeside.

Is it hard to get up on a wakeboard?

Getting up on a wakeboard can be challenging because there are a lot of things that need to occur with the right time and sequence. But the main issue is that learners typically try to pull themselves out of the water instead of letting the boat pull them.

What is the key to wakeboarding?


You have 3 main keys to remember: 1) keep your arms straight, 2) keep your knees bent, and 3) let the boat do the work pulling you out of the water. When the rope gets tight and the boat slowly accelerates, really focus on keeping your knees as bent as possible.

How tight should your wakeboard boots be?

Your wakeboard boots should fit snug around the foot, but should not be so tight that they’re uncomfortable. Most wakeboard boots can fit a variety of foot sizes, however, more advanced boots often come in a single size.

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