Why is Excel limited to 65536 rows?

Can Excel have more than 65536 rows?

Cause: Microsoft Excel 97 and all later versions, text files that contain more than 65,536 rows cannot be opened by their entirety. A user cannot open these files because these versions of the Microsoft Excel are limited to 65,536 rows.

Why is Excel limiting me to 65536 rows?

xls files that you open will be limited to that number of rows. If you have specified that you want to save files in that format by default then when you create a new workbook it will be limited to 65536 rows and [compatibility mode] will appear in Excel’s title bar.

Why is Excel not allowing me to insert rows?

If you can’t insert rows, delete all rows below the active area of your worksheet. For instance, assume you have data in columns A through M of your worksheet. … Right-click on any of the selected cells, choose Delete, Entire Row, and then OK. You may now try inserting new columns or rows.

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Can Excel handle 1 million rows?

A common myth I hear very frequently is that you can’t work with more than 1 million records in Excel. Actually, the right myth should be that you can’t use more than 1,048,576 rows, since this is the number of rows on each sheet; but even this one is false.

Is there a limit on rows in Excel?

Yes, Excel has maximum row limits! According to Microsoft Support (2021): Excel’s maximum row limit is 1,048,576. Columns are limited to 16,384. This applies to Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, and Excel 2007.

Why is Excel 1048576 rows?

The 27th column uses another digit and starts that digit at A, hence AA. When all the two-digit headers have been used, another digit is added. In a 26 base system, the value XFD equals 16384. Excel 2007 and above supports 2^20 rows, i.e. 1048576 rows.

How do I handle more than 1048576 rows in Excel?

Excel cannot handle more than 1,048,576 rows. That is the maximum you can have in a worksheet. @jstupl you would of course need to use the query editor for text.

And finally a solution:

  1. Import the data with the Power BI desktop app.
  2. Save as Power BI . pbix file.
  3. Import pbix file to online app.

What is the maximum number of rows in a csv file?

CSV files have no limit of rows you can add to them. Excel won’t hold more that the 1 million lines of data if you import a CSV file having more lines. Excel will actually ask you whether you want to proceed when importing more than 1 million data rows.

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Which Excel format has the most rows?

Most of the time you use the XLSX format: It’s save (can’t store malicious code), has the maximum number of rows and columns and is best known. XLSX is available since Excel 2007 and replaces the old XLS file type. It uses the open XML standard so which is documented well.

How do you increase maximum rows in Excel?

Excel Row Limit

  1. Row Limit in Excel (Table of Contents)
  2. Step 1: Select the one row below where you want to display the number of rows. …
  3. Step 2: Now hold the Keys Shift & Ctrl > Press down Arrow; it will take you till the end of the last row.
  4. Step 3: Right-click on the column header and select the hide option.

How do you increase rows in Excel?

To modify all rows or columns:

  1. Locate and click the Select All button. …
  2. Position the mouse over a row line so the white cross becomes a double arrow .
  3. Click, hold, and drag the mouse to increase or decrease the row height. …
  4. Release the mouse when you are satisfied with the new row height for the worksheet.

Can’t delete rows or columns in Excel?

Excel – Can’t Delete Empty Rows

  1. Open the worksheet.
  2. Find the last cell that contains data in the sheet.
  3. Delete all the rows and columns after this cell.
  4. Save the workbook.

Which Cannot be used to insert data into Excel?


  1. On the worksheet, click a cell.
  2. type the numbers or text that you want to enter, and then press Enter or Tab. To enter data on a new line within a cell, enter a line break by pressing Alt+Enter.
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