Where can I kayak in Huntsville AL?

Can you kayak at Ditto Landing?

However, there are boat, canoe and kayak rentals in the area, just not onsite at Ditto Landing. over a year ago.

How long does it take to kayak the Flint River?

The long trip is almost 8 miles or 4 ½ hours at a slow float pace. The short trip is 5 miles and about 3 hours long with you coming out at the same pick up spot on Little Cove Road.

Where can I kayak in Madison Al?

Where to Kayak & Canoe with Kids in Huntsville

  • Brown Bear Canoe & Kayak. Location: 107-A Michael Drive, Huntsville (map) …
  • Flint River Expeditions. …
  • NACK – North Alabama Canoe & Kayak. …
  • Huntsville Madison County Rowing & Watersports. …
  • Muscle Shoals Sailing Club. …
  • Paint Rock Canoe & Kayak Rental.

Why is Ditto Landing closed?

Now, with the Tennessee River below flood stage for the first time in weeks, water is receding at the marina, too. However, even though the water is going down in some places, it’s still not safe for the public. That’s why the marina will stay closed the next couple of days.

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Can you swim at Ditto Landing?

Is swimming in the harbor allowed at Ditto Landing? NO. … We do NOT allow swimming in the harbor.

How many locks are on the Black Warrior River?

The Black Warrior/Tombigbee River Project has 6 locks and dams. The water areas above each of these is called a “pool”.

Can you boat on the Black Warrior River?

Boating is very popular along the roughly 300 mile long Black Warrior River, which receives drainage from 6,276 square miles of watershed. The Black Warrior River watershed contains 16,145.98 miles of mapped water.

Are there alligators in Flint Creek?

Flint Creek is one of Alabama’s precious natural resources, and provides recreation to many anglers, canoeists, kayakers, hikers, photographers, and wildlife observers. Do not be alarmed when you see an American alligator basking in the sun on the quiet banks of this increasingly popular stream.

Where does Flint start?

Where can I kayak in Birmingham AL?

Five Fall Paddling Day Trips Near Birmingham

  1. Oak Mountain Lakes. FFW. …
  2. Clear Creek Recreation Area (Smith Lake) Eddie Freyer. …
  3. Sipsey River. Eddie Freyer. …
  4. Five Mile Creek in Brookside. Located only 15 miles from Birmingham, Five Mile Creek is a convenient option for a fall paddle. …
  5. Cahaba River. USFWS Southeast.