What song does Kino hear while diving?

What song does Kino hear during their journey?

What songs does kino hear on the first part of their journey? The song of the family and the song of the pearl.

What are the songs Kino hears?

The songs Kino hear in his head are, The Song of Family, and The Song of Evil. The Song of Evil is the “music of the enemy”, and The Song of Family is a “soft” song.

What is the song of the undersea in the Pearl?

The Song of the Enemy: this is very similar to the Song of Evil: it comes into Kino’s head as he has to fight the scorpion. The Song of the Undersea: this is the song of all of Kino’s people and is about everything that has ever happened. It is sung to the fishes, the sun, the moon, and the sea.

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What song does Kino hear in this chapter What song did Kino hear in the previous chapter before the scorpion stung Coyotito?

The scorpion represents the evil in this case. The final song of the chapter is the Song of the Enemy, which Kino hears has he stomps on the scorpion after it stung his son.

Why does Kino hesitate when they reach the doctors residence?

21. Why does Kino hesitate when they reach the doctor’s residence? Because the doctor was of a race which for nearly four hundred years had beaten and starved and robbed and despised Kino’s race; all of the doctor’s race spoke to all of Kino’s race as though they were simple animals.

What does Kino do with his riches?

When Juan Tomás asks Kino what he will do with his wealth, Kino details his plans: a proper marriage in the church, new clothing for the family, a harpoon, and a rifle, among other things. Kino’s new boldness amazes Juana, especially when he expresses his desire for Coyotito to be sent to school and educated.

Why does Kino hear the Song of Evil?

Kino hears the Song of Evil, and it becomes a metaphor, a comparison, to the scorpion that stings Coyotito. The Song of Evil is the symbol of the family’s destruction and the pain that follows the bite of the scorpion.

What is the first Song Kino hears in the morning?

What is the first “song” that Kino hears in the morning? The first song that he heard is the “Song of the Family”.

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When did Kino hear the Song of Evil?

Kino hears the Song of the Family when he is in or near his brush house, and when he, Juana and the baby are together and content. He hears the Song of Evil when he is near anything that threatens his family: the scorpion, the doctor, etc.

How did it fall on Coyotito?

Coyotito is Stung by a Scorpion

His parents meet each one of his needs. One day, their happiness is destroyed when a scorpion begins to move down the rope that holds the basket where Coyotito is resting.

Why does Kino want to save one oyster to open last?

Why does Kino want to save one particular oyster to open last? Kino is saving one oyster in particular to open last because it appears to contain a pearl. After Kino finds the great pearl, what happens to Coyotito? The swelling in Coyotito’s shoulder was decreasing and the poison was leaving his body.

How long can Kino hold his breath underwater?

How long could Kino hold his breath? Four minutes.