What should I look for when buying a water ski?

What kind of water skis do I need?

Water Ski Size Chart

Skier Weight Boat Speed 26-30 mph Boat Speed 30-34 mph
135-160 lbs. 66″-67″ 65″-66″
150-180 lbs. 67″-68″ 66″-67″
170-200 lbs. 68″-72″ 67″-68″
190-215 lbs. 72″ 68″-72″

Are wider water skis better for beginners?

Greater width means it is easy to ride it but added width means the ski will become slow. The reduced width means that the ski is quicker and faster but it is hard to initiate in the deep water. The width for the beginners is 8 inches to 9 inches.

Are wide water skis better?

Width – Width on a combo pair of skis will determine your maneuverability and how easy it is to get out of the water. The wider the ski the easier it will be to pop out of the water, but that added width will make your skis slower and more clumsy.

How long should a slalom ski be?

Slalom Ski Size Chart

Lbs. – Weight 26-30 MPH 30-34 MPH
Under 100 59″ 59″
100-110 61″-64″ 61“-64”
105-120 61″-66″ 61″-64″
115-140 61″-66″ 61″-66″

Is there a difference between mens and womens water skis?

Women’s specific skis are generally narrow than men’s skis because it follows that women skier is lighter and doesn’t require as much float in the snow. Narrower skis require less shifting of weight to make the same edge movement and so makes turning that much easier for a lighter person with smaller feet.

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