What is Trimix diving?

What is trimix used for in diving?

Trimix diving helps to reduce nitrogen narcosis.

Below 30 meters / 100 feet in depth, divers are exposed to nitrogen narcosis, also known as deep-sea drunkenness. This phenomenon is linked to the increase in the partial pressure of nitrogen.

What is trimix dive computer?

Mixed gas compatible scuba diving computers allow you to change both the % of Oxygen and Helium of your breathing mix for extended range and technical diving using trimix or other gas mixes.

At what depth do you need trimix?

Dives any deeper than 197 feet require hypoxic trimix. In this mixture, helium replaces some of the nitrogen and oxygen content. Doing so reduces the risk of oxygen toxicity at depths of around 328 feet (100 m). A typical hypoxic mixture at this depth would be 10/70 (10 percent oxygen and 70 percent helium).

How deep can a Navy SEAL dive with a rebreather?

The MK 15 and MK 16 Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreathers are similar to the Draeger, but an enhanced gas mix allows divers to reach depths of approximately 1,800 feet.

What is the difference between heliox and trimix?

As nouns the difference between trimix and heliox

is that trimix is a mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen used in deep diving while heliox is a gas, a mixture of helium and oxygen used in medicine and in diving.

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At what depth do you need helium?

In good conditions, the technical dive industry standard for using helium trimix is for all dives past 160 feet / 50m. However, if there is poor visibility, low temperatures, or strong currents that can exacerbate narcosis, it is recommended to use trimix below 130 feet / 40m.

Is Shearwater the best dive computer?

Shearwater Research Perdix is perhaps the most basic dive computer that has made it to our list, but it’s a great choice for those who need a reliable device at a wallet-friendly price.

What is normoxic trimix?

Normoxic Trimix is that in which the oxygen concentration is at least 18 percent. This eliminates the risks associated with hypoxic gas mixtures, which require the use of a travel gas in shallow water. You can use Normoxic Trimix as deep as 60 m/200 ft without exceeding a PO2 of 1.4 ATA.

Why do divers use nitrogen?

Use of these gases is generally intended to improve overall safety of the planned dive, by reducing the risk of decompression sickness and/or nitrogen narcosis, and may improve ease of breathing. Filling cylinders with a mixture of gases has dangers for both the filler and the diver.