What is SSI scuba diving certification?

Is SSI certification good for life?

Scuba Certifications with both PADI and SSI never expire. That said, if it’s been a while since your last dive, it’s always worth mentioning it to your Dive Master to they can do a quick refresher with you and make sure you are feeling confident before your first dive.

Whats the difference SSI and PADI?

PADI is ‘the way the world learns to dive’, but SSI provides the ‘the ultimate dive experience’. PADI and SSI are not the only dive certification agencies. There’s TDI/SDI/ERDI which tends to specialise in more technical diving – though not exclusively.

How much does it cost to get scuba certified SSI?

How much does it cost to get your scuba diving certification? Prices for the course and pool work portion of your scuba diving certification can range anywhere from around $200 to several hundred. I think $250-$350 is probably about average. If you take book portion online through PADI, the course currently costs $190.

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How long is SSI course?

The SSI or PADI Scuba Diver Course

Alternatively, the Scuba Diver is a 2 day course (including the Try Diving) and includes one dive off the boat. This diver certification allows the holder to dive to max. 12m, but always accompanied by a SSI/PADI professional.

How deep can you dive with open water SSI?

With the SSI Scuba Diver certification, you can dive up to 12 meters deep with an SSI Professional in open waters and will have completed almost half of the Open Water Diver training.

Where is the best local scuba diving spot?

From warm-water reefs to temperate seas, here are some of the top places to scuba dive in the United States.

  • Monterey Bay, California. …
  • Santa Catalina Island, California. …
  • Channel Islands, California. …
  • Southeast Florida. …
  • Florida Keys. …
  • Bonne Terre, Missouri. …
  • Flower Garden Banks, Texas. …
  • Bellingham, Washington.

Can you dive PADI with SSI?

An example of this, is that if you have an SSI, or NAUI or SDI Openwater certification, and wish to continue training at a PADI Dive Centre, PADI recognise in there own standards they are the equivalent to the PADI Openwater course.

How hard is it to become a divemaster?

The training conditions are the hardest part and can be very challenging at times: you’ll be working in a team (mostly the same team day in, day out); you’ll have to adjust to working conditions and colleagues; you’ll be given more responsibility step by step; you’ll get criticized and despite working so hard, you’ll …

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How much does a scuba license cost?

The costs to get scuba certified will differ per location and country, but you should expect to pay anything between $350 and $500 USD per person to get scuba certified. This price should include all course materials and rental scuba gear.

How many hours does it take to get scuba certified?

All together, your certification training will probably take about 35 hours of your time. If you are going on vacation and want to learn to dive before you go, start your training early. You will be less rushed and will enjoy your training much more.

Can you scuba dive without experience?

Many people wonder why they have to be certified to dive. … It is not illegal to dive without certification, but no reputable dive center or club would allow someone to dive with them without first being certified to scuba dive.

What are the three basic rules of scuba?

The three Basic Rules of Scuba stated in the proper order of importance are: Breathe continuously, ascend slowly and maintain control, and never dive alone or beyond your level of training.

How do I become a master diver for SSI?

You must complete 2 Specialty programs and have completed a total of 12 dives. You must complete 4 specialty programs and have completed a total of 24 dives. You must complete 4 specialty courses, Diver Stress and Rescue, and have completed 50 dives. SSI´s Master Diver is one of the most elite ratings in diving today.

What are the two scuba certifications?

New SCUBA divers commonly ask about the similarities and differences between NAUI and PADI. Because these two diving certification institutions are the most notable in the United States, choosing between the two can be difficult. However, generally speaking, the agencies are very similar.

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