What do you put on the bottom of a skimboard?

How do you protect a skimboard?

Skimboards are pretty tough for the most part but if you drop it on its nose from a few feet up, you’re going to have a bad time. The best way to protect your board is to wrap it in a blanket. Foam also works very well but then you have to make a special trip unless you have some laying around.

Does wax go on the top or bottom of a skim board?

Wax is used on a skimboard for just the opposite reason. It’s to stop your feet from sliding around on the board. Surfboard wax is applied to the top of the skimboard to make it sticky.

What goes on the bottom of a skimboard?

Car Wax. Rather than using a wax specifically designed for skimboards you can also just use a simple car wax for the bottom of your skimboard. There are lots of different car waxes to choose from and you’ll want to go with the one that has a focus on being hydrophobic (or that repels water).

Can you use candle wax on a skimboard?

It’s not recommended to use candle wax on a skimboard, it’s much too hard and is slipperier than commonly available surf wax. Old surfers used to use candle wax on their boards before surf wax was readily available and they had to rub sand into the wax the create grip.

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Why do skimboarders kick sand on their boards?

A useful trick you will see a lot of pros do is before they begin running, kick some sand onto the underside of the board so that it drops faster and flatter.

How do I stop my skimboard from sinking?

Skimboarding is a total gas no matter what your skill level. Peel off the shipping tabs, and newsletter. Wax the deck with surfboard wax, this will keep your feet from slipping. You can also use car wax on the bottom, this will reduce the wear and tear from the sand.

How often should I wax my skimboard?

As a general rule you should re-wax your skimboard every 3-6 months with the changing water temperatures. If the wax clumps become too lumpy under your feet (1/2-1/2 inch), if the wax melts and resets, turns yellow or fills up with sand then it’s also time to re-wax your skimboard.

Can you skimboard without grip?

As a general rule you should never skimboard without wax or grips on the top of your board. Without wax the top of your skimboard will be extremely slippery which will cause your feet to slide off your board and could lead to injury.

What can I use if I don’t have surf wax?

What Can I Use Instead of Wax? (3 Alternatives)

  1. Full Board Trackpad. You may have seen some surfers using a pad near the back of their board. …
  2. Cork Traction Pads. Similar to an EVA full board trackpad, a cork traction pad is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. …
  3. Sticky Surfboard Grip Pads.
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Can you use candle wax for surfing?

First, find a surfboard with old wax on it. If you don’t own one or have access to one, you can always use fresh surf wax. Begin scraping off wax until you have enough that fills up your vessel, plus some more. The wax will melt down, so you definitely will need more than you think!