Quick Answer: Can you speak while scuba diving?

Do scuba divers have microphones?

Most through-water systems have a push to talk system, so that high power is only used to transmit the signal when the diver has something to say. … The diver’s speech is picked up by the microphone and converted into a high frequency sound signal transmitted to the water by the omnidirectional transducer.

Can you talk with a scuba regulator in your mouth?

And how can we do that with a regulator in our mouth? Some diving pros use a so-called ‘full face mask’. These are special masks that encompass the mouth and allow the lips to be free of holding the regulator mouthpiece. … Most divers communicate really well underwater simply by using hand gestures.

Is there a device that lets you talk underwater?

A new underwater communications device from Casio, called the Logosease, now allows you to have a conversation with your scuba pals. By attaching the pocket-sized underwater two-way radio to your mask strap, and with simple operation, you can start communicating from 45ft away, and a depth of 130ft.

Why can’t people talk underwater?

But the fact that sound travels faster in water than in air just brings up the next question: Why is it harder to talk to someone underwater than in air? The answer is that sound couples poorly from air to water. When you talk, you do so by emitting air and then sending compression waves through this air.

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Can you open your mouth underwater?

Anyway, the air you are breathing through your reg, and the air in your lungs and mouth, are at ambient pressure throughout the dive. This means at the same pressure as the water surrounding you. So if you open your mouth and exhale, bubbles will be coming out. If you inhale, you will be inhaling water.

Can you communicate under water?

Special underwater communication systems have been developed to allow divers to talk to each other underwater. A transducer is attached to the diver’s face mask, which converts his or her voice into an ultrasound signal. … Acoustic communication systems allow divers to talk to each other underwater.

Why is it important to communicate underwater when scuba diving?

It is used to convey important messages to the other divers including letting your buddies know “you are OK” and indicating the presence of one of the wide variety of fascinating marine lives. These hand signals are important as it can definitely make a difference in the unlikely event of an emergency.

How far can radio signals travel underwater?

Very low frequency (VLF) radio waves can penetrate seawater a few hundred feet (10–40 meters), and many navies use powerful shore VLF transmitters for submarine communications.