Question: What is a Yates row?

Can you do Yates row with dumbbells?

yates row is a free weights exercise that primarily targets the middle back and to a lesser degree also targets the forearms, lower back, traps and triceps.

What type of row is best?

Key Takeaways. The bent-over row is one of the single best exercises for building a wide, thick, defined back and strong, defined arms. The conventional bent-over barbell row is the most popular kind of bent-over row, but the dumbbell bent-over row, Yates row, and standing T-bar bent-over are worthy alternatives.

Did Dorian Yates do pull ups?

Dorian: No, I didn’t change them at all. That’s the kind of training that was building the muscle; that’s the type of training that would keep it there.

Can you do t bar rows without handle?

While the T bar row is usually done with a neutral grip, you can perform several t bar row substitute exercises by using a bar attachment. The one we want to look at involves using a pronated grip. This will change the biomechanics of the t bar row which will allow you to hit the back muscles a little differently.

What’s a good weight for T Bar Row?

Aim for 93 pounds or so if you’re a beginner. An intermediate male athlete of the same weight will lift around 200 pounds, while an advanced athlete should lift 272 pounds or more.

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