Is Victor Von Doom the Silver Surfer?

Did Doctor Doom die Fantastic Four?

Believing that humanity needed to be eradicated, Doom went back to Planet Zero to enact his master plan, but he was defeated by the four heroes and was subsequently disintegrated by the portal’s energy beam.

Who is Victor Von Doom in runaways?

Victor is the son of a single Mexican mother named Marianella Mancha. He first discovers his powers when he encounters the Runaways. They tell him that one day he will destroy all of earths heroes. They end up taking him in the Leapfrog to the La Brea Tar Pits.

Is Dr Doom stronger than Thanos?

Doctor Doom destroying the entirety of the alternate universe proves that he is a worse villain than Thanos in more ways than one. Not only was the body count trillions higher than Thanos when the Mad Titan achieved the Infinity Snap, but the reasoning behind why he wiped out an entire universe is much more ghastly.

Who killed Galactus?

As Galactus tells the planet he’s going to feast on it to sustain his hunger, Silver Surfer warns him of something coming towards him that’s even faster than him. That’s when Hyperion speeds through the cosmic juggernaut’s head, bursting through the back of his skull, instantly killing Galactus.

Can Silver Surfer be killed?

This leads the group of heroes to eventually find and fight the Silver Surfer. Although he put up quite a fight, the zombies eventually killed him, with the zombie Hulk dealing the final blow.

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