Is it worth diving the Great Barrier Reef?

How much does it cost to dive the Great Barrier Reef?

You can swim and would like to try first time Introductory Scuba Diving?

Sea Quest Dive & Snorkel (Adult) $215.00
Reef Magic Cruises (Adult) $328.00
Great Adventures Outer Reef Cruises (Adult) $406.00
Sunlover Reef Cruises (Adult) $338.00

How do I pick a Great Barrier Reef tour?

5 Main Points To Consider When Choosing A Tour:

  1. Reef Locations: Inner/Outer Reef, Roaming Licence, Exclusive Locations.
  2. Size/Style of Boat: Catamaran, Sailing, Luxury, Budget.
  3. Number of Passengers: Anywhere from 30-150+ passengers.
  4. Age of Passengers: Family friendly OR 18+

How many shark attacks are there in the Great Barrier Reef?

Of those 82 incidents, there is a global average of 4 fatalities a year. The Great Barrier Reef has five million tourists every year so the numbers are helpful is assessing the real risk of a shark attack.

What Are The Statistics On Shark Attacks At The Great Barrier Reef.

Year Deaths
2018 1
2020 3
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