How much does it cost to swim with whale sharks at Georgia Aquarium?

How much does it cost to swim with a whale shark?

Booking a swim with the whale sharks costs about $60 to $100 and is possible online or in person.

How much does it cost to swim in the Georgia Aquarium?

What is the cost of the program? The Swim Program costs $239.95 plus tax for non-Members and $212.95 plus tax for Annual Pass Members. All equipment for the swim, certificate of participation, t-shirt and a souvenir photo are included.

Has anyone been killed by a whale shark?

Whale sharks are extremely docile and there are no records in history of humans being attacked, or eaten, by one. They can reach up to 14 metres long, and weigh more than 12 tonnes – making them the largest fish in the entire ocean.

Why is it illegal to touch a whale shark?

​Whale sharks are slow moving animals, but they are so big it will appear they are moving fast. Divers can expect that the whale sharks may swim right up to them and must pay close attention at all times. … It is illegal to touch a whale shark, so make sure to swim out of the way if one swims toward you.

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Why is the Georgia Aquarium bad?

In Defense of Animals ranked the Georgia Aquarium as the fourth worst tank for dolphins and whales in 2016 due to its importation of wild-caught whales, the size of the enclose and the “dying pool,” where three Beluga whales died between 2012 and 2015.

How much does it cost to swim with the dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium?

How much does it cost? $69.95 (plus tax) per person; $63.95 for Annual Pass Members. Price includes a souvenir photo (cell phones and cameras are not allowed in the encounter area). PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE General Admission access to the Aquarium.