How long should windsurfing harness lines be?

How do I choose a windsurf harness?

When choosing a waist harness there are a few specific areas of concern.

  1. Fit: Harnesses come in sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large. …
  2. Support: Once you have the right size, you are not there yet. …
  3. Spreader Bar (support): the spreader bar is an important part of the deal. …
  4. Multiple point load dispersion system.

Can you use a windsurfing harness for kitesurfing?

The fact of the matter is that windsurfing harnesses are not designed to carry the same load as Kiteboarding harnesses. There are much stronger vertical forces on the spreader bar which leads to fatigue much earlier. I made the same mistake only to have my hook break off mid air.

How is windsurfing boom length measured?

Boom lengths are taken from the mast front to the leech edge at the upper eyelet at the clew. The tape measure end is hooked on the sail edge just above the eyelet, letting it settle against the eyelet and outhaul line.

What is a boom height?

introduction. Auto boom height is used to maintain the spray nozzle at the correct height above the target area. When properly adjusted, auto boom height control systems can allow the operator to focus on monitoring other machine functions, which improves spray accuracy and reduces operator fatigue.

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