How do you get more push Wakesurf?

How do you get more push from a Wakesurf wave?

To increase the height of the surf wave, add a little more ballast in the rear of the boat. This digs the back end of the boat further down into the water, resulting in more displacement, which in turn increases the wave height. NOTE: the more height you add to you wave, the less length and push it will have.

Is go surf assist worth it?

For my opinion the go surf assist is the best “aftermarket” surf system. Its really expensive but.. if you think you’ll need it go for it, it totally change the ride. My cousin had a 2006 moomba and put some suction surf system and seriously it was kind of a mess. It does the job, yes.

How can I practice Wakesurfing at home?

Stand on the floor or a balance board with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Jump straight up and try to bring your knees as far up as possible before landing back on the floor or board with your knees bent. Try to do as many jumps while landing softly as you can within a minute.

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