Can you surf in South Devon?

Is Devon or Cornwall better for surfing?

Cornwall has Fistral, Devon has Croyde. Cornwall has Crantock, Watergate, Porthtowan, Sennen, Constantine — all of which are perfectly decent, respectable, sand-bottomed waves. … If Cornwall has, on the whole, the better beach breaks — certainly it has more of them — Devon has without doubt the best beach break.

Is north or south Devon better for surfing?

South Devon’s best surf spots. … And while it’s true that Devon’s north coast receives a more abundant swell from the Atlantic, if you ignore the south coast’s waves then you’re missing out on epic, uncrowded surf among some of the county’s most stunning scenery.

Is it safe to surf in Devon?

The area has many quality spots all year round, which makes North Devon a must-surf. The consistent west facing beachbreaks mean there’s always a place to surf waves and the beaches are reliable year round, with sheltered spots drawing in crowds.

Can you bodyboard in Devon?

Keep an eye out for west and northwest swells for the ultimate conditions. Bodyboarding is fun here too; equipment can be hired from Woolacombe Surf Centre and other local shops and schools. Beach breaks and a reef break are on offer, so fill your boots!

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Which side of Cornwall is best for surfing?

However, there’s no question that the most famous Cornwall surfing takes place on the northern shoreline. That’s home to iconic surf towns like Newquay and St Ives, and can be a veritable swell magnet – Cornwall is often firing even when the rest of the UK is flat!

Is North Devon better than South Devon?

North Devon is, for me, about stunningly beautiful coastlines and countryside and is best for those who want to walk, surf or do outdoorsy type stuff. With small kids there is more commercial holiday stuff going on in South Devon (farm parks galore, etc) and there are more big roads to get you around easily.

Is Plymouth good for surfing?

Devon and Cornwall and lush coastal areas of Plymouth are renowned for their beach havens and prolific surfing conditions. … The good thing about surf spots near to Plymouth is that they avoid the usual hustle and bustle of your Fistral Beaches and Croyde Bays.

Is Croyde beach good for surfing?

Croyde Beach is one of the Premier surfing breaks in the UK. A great short Boarders wave and best surfed at low tide, Croyde’s surfing conditions produces a very fast wave. On a good day the waves barrel at low tide gives the rider a great thrill ride.

Where can I bodyboard in South Devon?

Surf Spots In South Devon

Surf Spot Photos Wave type
Bantham 2 Beach break
Beer Point Point break
North Sands Salcombe Rivermouth
St Marys Bay Point break

Can you learn to surf in Devon?

Along with Cornwall, Devon is one of the best places to learn to surf in the UK and is a natural choice for sea lovers with two coastlines on offer.

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