Can you put ballistic weave on marine wetsuit?

What outfits can you put ballistic weave on?

Upgradable clothing

Clothing Free Armor Slots Effect
Sweater vest and slacks None Charisma +2
T-shirt and slacks None Charisma +2
Tattered rags All Luck -1
Trilby hat Hat Charisma +1

Can you put ballistic weave on the vault suit?

Upgrades. The Damage Resistances of Vault jumpsuits can be upgraded at any armor workbench. However, they cannot be upgraded with ballistic weave.

Can you get ballistic weave without the railroad?

1 Answer. Yes, you can get ballistic weave without aligning with the Railroad past the point of no return.

What hats can be upgraded with ballistic weave?

A very few hats also allow for Ballistic Weave. The only one we’ve tested so far is the Newsboy Cap, but it’s likely a few other caps also apply.

Other compatible armor includes:

  • Army Fatigues.
  • Baseball Uniform.
  • Dirty Army Fatigues.
  • Green Shirt and Combat Boots.
  • Military Fatigues.
  • Minuteman Outfit.
  • Tattered Rags.

Can you ballistic weave Road leathers?

Road leathers consist of a leather jacket and leather pants with boots and a shirt underneath. … Road leathers provide 2 Damage Resistance when equipped. Armor can be worn over them on all body slots, but the road leathers cannot be improved with ballistic weave at an armor workbench.

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What is the point of no return in Fallout 4?

The point of no return between the Brotherhood and the Railroad is after turning in Blind Betrayal, when Tactical Thinking starts. For the Institute and Brotherhood it’s Mass Fusion/Spoils of War, doing one will fail the other and make you hostile to the respective faction.

How many Tinker Tom Mila missions are there?

There are 11 Weathervane missions where you place MILAs. The order in which you receive them however, is randomized.