Best answer: Is Row singular or plural?

What is the plural of row?

1 row /ˈroʊ/ noun. plural rows.

What is the singular form of row?

The plural form of row is rows.

What are the two meanings of row?

1 : a number of objects arranged in a usually straight line a row of bottles also : the line along which such objects are arranged planted the corn in parallel rows. 2a : way, street. b : a street or area dominated by a specific kind of enterprise or occupancy doctors’ row. 3 : twelve-tone row.

What is the plural of crate?

1 crate /ˈkreɪt/ noun. plural crates.

How do you pronounce row fight?

“Row” (meaning “argument”) is indeed pronounced like “cow”.

What’s the difference between rows and columns?

Rows are a group of cells arranged horizontally to provide uniformity. Columns are a group of cells aligned vertically, and they run from top to bottom.

What do you call someone who rows?

oars·man. (ôrz′mən) A man who rows, especially an expert in rowing; a rower.

What parts of speech is row?

row 2

part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: rows, rowing, rowed
definition 1: to cause a boat to move forward by means of oars. synonyms: oar, paddle similar words: pull, scull
definition 2: to exercise on a rowing machine. similar words: oar, scull
part of speech: transitive verb
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How is row used in a sentence?

We need two people to row the canoe.” “We rowed the boat to shore.” “We rowed down the river.” “I am rowing for our team.”

Is in a row meaning?

phrase. If something happens several times in a row, it happens that number of times without a break. If something happens several days in a row, it happens on each of those days.

Why is a fight called a row?

“Row”–defined by the OED as “a noisy or violent argument”–is a useful word, being roughly in the middle between “fight,” on the one hand, and “quarrel” or “argument,” on the other. It is definitely a Britishism–or at least, has been one since about 1930, according to this Ngram viewer chart.