Are all Jet Ski keys the same?

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Can you replace a jet ski key?

The easiest way to get a new jet ski key is to take your jet ski into a dealership. You CANNOT simply bring them the spare key and ask them to duplicate it. They will need your actual jet ski in the workshop so they can assess your particular model.

Do all jet skis have the same key?

Up to 8 individual keys can be programmed to one jetski. All keys are all the same (if same shape drum or claw) just float colours are different. Any colour key can be programmed to be Normal, learning or rental key.

How do you start a Seadoo without a key?

if its just the simple push button type you can hold your finger over the button, but if its the DESS type you would need a lanyard key to get it to start.

Can I jump start a Sea-Doo?

You can jump start a Seadoo with a car in an emergency situation, but it is not recommended. A car has more amps and can produce too high of voltage for jump starting a jet ski which in turn can fry the electronics. Always try and charge your battery to start your ski.

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Can you bypass Sea-Doo Dess?

You cannot bypass the mpem to get a start on you boat. The DESS system was designed as an anti theft device. If your not getting the two beeps, check the buzzer with a test light or get a buzzer from Radio Shack. Push the start/stop button 5 times, without the lanyard on the post.

Do Jet Ski keys float?

I bought a couple with the DESS key ($25) and programmed them, they float.

Can I program my own Dess key?

Since DESS keys are so specialized, you will need a Sea-Doo dealer or a repair shop to help you program your key. This requires your personal watercraft to be at the shop. If you own a diagnostic tool, you can program your key at home.

How do you clean a Sea-Doo key?

Clean the post and cap with soapy water. Don’t use any grease of lubricant on it as it needs a clean connection to make contact. Connect the lanyard to see if it is making a connection. 2 beeps and it’s ready to fire up.

How do I reset my Sea-Doo computer?

@Alex L Sounds like you need to reset your computer. Turn the ignition on. Hold JUST the set button in for 30 seconds. Release the button then tun ignition off.