Your question: What kick is acceptable when swimming the butterfly stroke?

Which kick is stronger in butterfly?

Swimming butterfly, along with breaststroke, is a very kick-dependent stroke. Without a strong kick, butterfly simply doesn’t work well. While the two down kicks in each stroke cycle need to be strong, the up kicks are also important in order to maintain a higher velocity.

What are the rules for butterfly stroke?

The rules define the arm as “that part of the body that extends from the shoulder to the wrist.” The butterfly rule states, “Both arms must be brought forward simultaneously over the water.” Both entire arms must recover over the water; the swimmer in question did not comply with this rule.

How many kicks can you do in butterfly?

There are four propulsive kicks available to a swimmer in a butterfly stroke cycle; two down kicks and two up kicks. The two down kicks should be the most propulsive of the four kicks.

How do legs kick in butterfly stroke?

Butterfly kicking

The leg action comes from the hips. The heels and soles of your feet should break the surface from underneath with your knees slightly bent on the upbeat. Powerful downbeats of the feet then propel the body forward. Try to keep your legs close together with your ankles relaxed.

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Is freestyle faster than butterfly?

Freestyle times (46.91 WR for 100m) tend to be faster than butterfly (49.82 WR for 100m) times. However, the “peak speed” for butterfly is faster than freestyle(1).

What is the difference between breaststroke and butterfly stroke?

The butterfly stroke, used only in competition, differs from the breaststroke in arm action. In the butterfly the arms are brought forward above the water. … Later swimmers used two dolphin kicks to one arm pull. Breathing is done in sprint competition by raising the head every second or third stroke.

What’s an illegal kick in swimming?

Lots of young swimmers turn out one foot, but not the other. This ends up being a scissors kick, which is illegal. 2. The second big problem for young swimmers is the touch on turns and on the finish—but hands must touch simultaneously. … Except on the start pull-down, swimmers cannot pull beyond the waistline or hips.

What makes a good butterfly swimmer?

Stay close to the surface of the water

Aim high. The higher your body is in the water, the better. “The best butterfly swimmers keep a undulating motion but the depth of the movement is shallow,” says Mark. “The key is to create a wave with a minor frequency and stay close to the surface.”

What are the 2 types of swimming turns called?

There are two general classifications of turns: the open turn and the flip turn, or tumble turn.