Your question: What did Salva and his group build canoes out of?

What did Salva use to make canoes?

The secret of making canoes in the book Long Walk to Water is the canoes are made o reeds tied tightly to form dense layers and these layers were then tied together. “Salva staggered forward with another load of reeds in his arms.

What is the secret of making the canoes?

What is the secret of making the canoes? The canoes are made of reeds tied tightly together to form dense layers and these layers were then tied together.

What does Salva’s group use to make boats?

When the group reaches the Nile, everyone sets to work cutting and gathering reeds. Some members of the group know how to use reeds to build boats and flotation devices. Salva finds that gathering reeds distracts him from his hunger and fear. After two full days of work, the group has built a small fleet of canoes.

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What were salvas shoes made out of?

Salva’s shoes stood no chance against the hot stony desert ground. The soles, made from rubber tire treads, had already been reduced to shreds held together with a little leather and a great deal of hope. After only a few minutes, Salva had to kick off the flapping shreds and continue barefoot.

Why is Salva so afraid after Marial vanished?

Why is Salva so afraid after Marial vanished? Salva and Uncle did not know where Marial went that night. They quickly relized that Marial had been eaten by a lion that night. Salva was very upset because Marial was his only friend in their group because they were the same age.

Why is Salva alone at the end of the chapter?

Salva is all alone with no one to help him. He doesn’t return to his school or village because he doesn’t know where he is or how he would even get back.

How was Akeers laugh like music?

Akeer suffers from an intestinal disease, an unfortunate consequence of the status of water in Sudan. After taking Akeer to a doctor, she is treated, and when she is cured of her infection, her laugh is “like music,” demonstrating that she’s feeling better. Her illness was transmitted through the water.

What is the best wood to make a canoe out of?

Northern white cedar is absolutely the best wood for canoe ribs and planking. Its light weight, strength, flexibility and rot resistance can not be matched by any other wood.

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What happened to Salva’s Uncle?

Uncle Jewiir, the uncle of Salva Dut, is a former South Sudanese soldier. … However, he’s later murdered by soldiers from the North. Jewiir’s death is a traumatic event for Salva, who is forced to fend for himself and beg for food without Jewiir to protect him.

Why is Nya’s sister sick?

Chapter Eight Southern Sudan, 2008: Nya and her mother have taken Akeer to the doctor and she is now much better. They are told that Akeer was sick because the water was dirty. They need to boil the water to kill the germs, but if they boil the water for that long all the water will evaporate.

Where has Salva’s group reached at the end of Ch 7?

Uncle tells Salva they will come to the Nile River soon. Uncle explains that after the Nile is desert, and then Ethiopia. They will cross in boats, reaching islands after the first day and then shore after the second day.

How did Salva’s uncle encourage him to continue walking?

How does Uncle keep Salva going? By choosing landmarks and asking Salva to walk to them so it the walk seems shorter.

What happened to Uncle Jewiir at the end of Chapter 10?

But one of the soldiers fires three shots at Uncle Jewiir, and only then do the six soldiers run away. Uncle Jewiir’s death is a horrific tragedy. Jewiir was a kind man who took good care of Salva.

What made Salva cry when he was in the desert?

The pain was terrible. Salva tried to bite his lip, but the awfulness of that never-ending day was too much for him. He lowered his head, and the tears began to flow.

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