Your question: Does Grumman still make canoes?

Is Grumman canoe still in business?

Outboard Marine Corp. bought the division in 1990 and produced the last Grumman-brand canoe in 1996.

Who bought Grumman Boats?

Marathon Boat Group purchased the Grumman brand name while Lowe Industries took over the construction of their watercraft.

What is the value of a Grumman canoe?

How much are Grumman canoes? The quality and durability of a Grumman canoe cannot be denied, and because of this they tend to cost more than your average canoe. Pre-owned Grumman canoes are on sale for between $300 and $800, while brand-new ones sell for $1000 or more.

How much does a Kevlar canoe cost?

Since most new Kevlar canoes cost $3,000-$4,000, perhaps you can imagine what a used one valued at only $300 would look like!

What are Grumman canoes made of?

Grumman aluminum canoes, constructed of the same lightweight stretched aluminum as the Grumman Wildcat fighter, revolutionized the canoe industry. The stretched aluminum process permanently forms the curves of bow, stern and sides while retaining material strength and rigidity.

Are Grumman boats still made?

Grumman’s boat division was sold in 1990 to Outboard Marine Corp. and then in July, 1996, OMC produced its last Grumman-brand canoe.

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What is the best length for a canoe?

Length. Canoes in the 16 foot to 17 foot range are among the most popular. They offer a great combination of speed, manageability and carrying capacity. Longer canoes, once you get them up to speed, are easier to paddle over long distances.

Are aluminum canoes lighter than fiberglass?

Benefits. Aluminum canoes are lighter than wood but heavier than fiberglass. The overall benefit of aluminum canoes is durability. They’re slow moving but tough and require very little maintenance.

Is Marathon boats still in business?

MBG currently sells its boats in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia through an established network of approximately 70 dealer locations.

Are marathon boats good?

Marathon is popular for their High Performance among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have an exceptionally shallow draft and generally wider beam, attributes that make them perfect for day cruising and watersports.

When did Grumman start making boats?

In 1944, Grumman vice president William Hoffman came up with the idea of a lightweight, stretch-formed aluminum canoe—after lugging a waterlogged wood-canvas canoe across one too many portages on a fishing trip in New York’s Adirondack Mountains.