Your question: Can you swim at Ningaloo Reef?

Are there crocodiles in Ningaloo Reef?

Crocodiles. Crocodiles are not normally found on the Ningaloo Coast, but there have been rare and isolated occurences of estuarine or saltwater (saltie) crocodiles in the area.

Can you snorkel in Ningaloo Reef?

Yes you can and this is one of the best things about snorkelling on Ningaloo Reef. You don’t have to book a cruise to get on the reef. You get to it right from the beach! … Ningaloo is part of Cape Range National Park along the Indian Ocean coast.

Are there crocodiles in Coral Bay?

Crocodiles are not usually seen as far south as Coral Bay, where tourists flock to enjoy camping and fishing along the Ningaloo Reef. They are typically found only as far south as Onslow, more than 200km north of Coral Bay.

Is it safe to swim in Exmouth?

The Exmouth coastline offers a number of beautiful sandy beaches and the Town Beach is the most accessible and closest to the town centre. The beach is a safe place to swim, especially at high tide even with children. … Exmouth is a 14 hour drive north of Perth or a two hour flight.

Are there Box jellyfish in Ningaloo Reef?

Jellyfish Concerns

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Many seasons there are no serious jellyfish stings off the Ningaloo Reef whatsoever. … Like all risks its relative – compared to the Great Barrier Reef the risk of jelly fish stings on the Ningaloo Reef is much, much lower.

Where in Australia has the most sharks?

Australia as a whole is second after the United States for having the most shark attacks in the world by country with a total of 665 documented cases from 1700 to the present according to the Florida Museum. Most of these attacks take place in one area, however: New South Wales.

Should I stay Exmouth or Coral Bay?

For those looking for a total beach experience, Coral Bay wins hands down. For those wanting more to do, bushwalks, exploring the national park, nice accommodation and restaurants with a few beach activites tossed in for good measure, Exmouth is the better option.

Is Ningaloo Reef dying?

Is Ningaloo Reef dying? Ningaloo Reef is not dying. Compared to other reefs, Ningaloo is in good condition — but this could all change in the face of climate change, pollution from the oil and gas industry including the dumping of toxic waste by Woodside, and other proposed industrial developments.