You asked: What wax do pro surfers use?

What wax does Jamie Obrien use?

“I use Sex Wax as the base,” he said. “The Banana wax on top. It makes the best beads.” Jamie O’Brien laughed off “their stupid little wax theory.” Jamie joked about a session where he saw Evan Geiselman (who’s also in on the buzz) waxing his raft and then changing blocks halfway through the waxing process.

What happened to Jamie O Brien?

It’s a grim reality that surfers like Jamie O’Brien know too well, and recently, Jamie O‘Brien got injured at Pipeline. It’s not the first time — not even close. He’s broken both legs and sustained a million other bumps and bruises, and he knows full well that he’s risking his safety every time he goes out.

What is Jamie O’Brien salary?

Jamie O’Brien (surfer)

Jamie O’Brien
Personal information
Years active 2001–present
Career earnings $122,400
Sponsors Buell wetsuits, Red Bull, GoPro, Tokoro, Catch Surf, Nectar, Tools, Vestal, Cariuma, Blenders Eyewear, GMC Honolulu

Why do surfers put wax on the top of their feet?

Surfers who have to do a bit of stone walking to get out into the lineup tend to wax the top of their feet in addition to the top of their boards. … Surfers are waxing the tops of their feet, so they can store some extra traction for when they finally make it out to the lineup.

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Do surfers wax their boards?

Surfers put wax on their boards because wax prevents surfers from slipping off their surfboards. They use surf wax for traction. Surf wax is a sticky substance and helps keep feet stuck to the surfboard surface. Surf wax repels water but does not have a slippery feel like car wax.

Does surf wax go bad?

Surfboard wax in bar form does not expire, however once applied to your surfboard wax “expires”. Eventually, it will become a smooth grey blob on top of your board that needs to be changed. … When it gets to this point, it’s time to re-wax your board.

What wax do the pros use?

Gigi Honey Wax

Gigi Honee Wax is one of the most popular waxes used by beauty professionals.

What can I use instead of surf wax?

What Can I Use Instead of Wax? (3 Alternatives)

  • Full Board Trackpad. You may have seen some surfers using a pad near the back of their board. …
  • Cork Traction Pads. Similar to an EVA full board trackpad, a cork traction pad is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. …
  • Sticky Surfboard Grip Pads.

How often should I wax my surfboard?

You can and often should top up your board every time you surf. But, depending on the temperature of the water you surf in, you should fully clean and re-wax your board every 2-3 months, or 4-6 times per year.