You asked: What was the lateen sail used for?

Why was the lateen sail invented?

The lateen sail was crucial for the development of ships that were maneuverable and reliable under sail power alone. These improvements made it possible for ships to increase in size, giving them the ability to carry cargo more profitably and more reliably. They also made ships more important as weapons of war.

How did the lateen sail help explorers?

In addition to allowing ships to sail closer to the wind, the lateen sail also made ships more maneuverable. … Ultimately, the lateen sail enabled explorers to discover new regions of the world in a way that traditional “square” sails would not have been able to.

What was the lateen sails quizlet?

What is a Lateen sail? Lateen sail is a riangular sail that was imporant to navigation. The sail made it possible. Historyians belive that the sail was imported from Egypt or the Persian Gulf.

Why is a sail triangular?

Flattening and twisting the top part of the sails helps keeping heeling moment under control. So does the (often undervalued) triangular shape of the sails: As the helmsman starts to pinch to prevent excessive heeling, the sails are set at a narrower at angle to the wind.

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Can you reef a lateen sail?

When you say ‘lateen’ , I assume you mean a boomed lateen, which has a boom at the foot of the sail which is the same length as the yard. When reefing such a sail, the thing to watch out for is a changing Center of Area (CA). As the sail is reefed, the CA will move aft.

What was a caravel and why was it important quizlet?

Why was the caravel an important development in navigation? European shipbuilders built a better ship; The caravel was a strong ship that could travel in the open seas & in shallow water. Caravels had triangular lateen sails that allowed ships to sail against the wind.

What was the significance of the use of the triangular sail quizlet?

triangular sail developed by Arab or Indian merchants which was eventually adopted by European ship owners to improve the maneuverability of their ships. It could catch crosswinds and be used to drive a ship along its chosen course.

What is the term for Arab sailing ships quizlet?

Dhows. Arab sailing vessels with triangular or lateen sails; strongly influenced European ship design. Lateen sails. Large triangular sails that are attached to the masts by long booms or yard arms which extend diagonally high across both the fore and aft portions of the ship. slave mercenaries.