You asked: How far is Byron Bay from Surfers Paradise?

How do I get from Gold Coast to Byron Bay?

The fastest way to get from Byron Bay to Gold Coast is to drive. Taking this option will cost $11 – $17 and takes 1h 6m. Is there a direct bus between Byron Bay and Gold Coast? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Byron Bay and arriving at Surfers Paradise.

Is it worth visiting Byron Bay?

While Byron Bay may be the most famous town in northern New South Wales, it’s not the only one worth visiting. … The food in particular is worth the trip in itself and I highly recommend hunting down the Byron Bay Organic Doughnut truck as soon as you arrive as they sell out fast and are too good to be missed.

Is Byron Bay Expensive?

As the publication reported this morning: “Byron Bay has vaulted above Sydney to become the nation’s most expensive major housing market after prices nearly doubled in just one year.” The median price in Byron Bay was about $1.42 million last year, claims, but has since jumped to $2.7 million.

How many days do you need in Byron Bay?

How many days do you need in Byron Bay? Spend at least 3 days in Byron Bay to enjoy the beaches and restaurants and head into the hinterland for a day. You can easily fill 5-7 days in Byron Bay if you have the time. Byron Bay is a great destination to visit all year round.

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Do you need a car in Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is a small town and everything is easily accessible, you really don’t need a car to get around. Airport Car Hire is expensive. … We have many departures to and from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ballina Airports to suit your travel plans.

Is Byron Bay cheap?

Many believe Byron Bay to be an expensive destination, but with a few insider tips, you’ll find that some of the greatest things in life really are free. This Aussie paradise has heaps of great free and budget-friendly options from sightseeing and events, to dining and accommodation.

Why is Byron Bay so expensive?

Part of Byron’s ballooning prices has stemmed from the convergence of Hollywood superstars. This includes the likes of Zac Efron, the Hemsworth brothers, and Matt Damon, among others, who have purchased multimillion-dollar homes in the area.

Is there a McDonalds in Byron Bay?

READERS of The Northern Star have fired up over the idea of McDonalds or other fast food shop being built in Byron Bay – one of the only larger towns in Australia still untouched by the “Big Three”. … No Maccas, no KFC etc,” Lisa Amey said.