Where do you get surf Emerald?

Where do you get surf at in Pokemon Emerald?

2 Answers. go get the 5 badge and go to the gym of 5 bade and beside it there was a house. Go inside the house and find wally’s dad and he will give you HM2 thats the surf.

Where do you get all the HMs in Pokemon Emerald?

Hidden Machines (HMs)

  1. Hidden Machines (HMs)
  2. HM01 Cut – Rustboro City: receive from the Cutter in the Cutter’s House, west of the Pokemon Center.
  3. HM02 Fly – Route 119: receive from Brendan/May after defeating them.
  4. HM03 Surf – Petalburg City: obtained from Wally’s father after defeating Norman.

How do you get water on Pokemon Emerald?

Go to the space station in the northeast corner of the island, where you will have to defeat Team Magma. Go to Steven’s house, in the northwest corner of the city, and he will give you HM08 Dive.

Where do I go after I get surf in Emerald?

Right after you get surf from Wally’s father, teach it to one of your Pokemon and go to route 118. Surf across the water. Hope I helped!

How many HMs are in Emerald?

In Generation III, there are a total of eight different HMs. Ludicolo can learn six of them-Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Strength, Flash, and Rock Smash. This gives it plenty of variety when it comes to utility outside of battle.

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Can you go to Johto in Emerald?

To get the Johto starters in Emerald, in-game, first you must complete the entire* Hoenn region Pokedex, than speak with Professor Birch. He will comment on your achievement and allow you to pick one of the three Johto starters.

What is the best water Pokémon in Emerald?

Pokemon: The 8 Best Gen III Water-types (& 7 That Aren’t So Great…

  1. 1 Great – Kyogre.
  2. 2 Not So Great – Corsola. …
  3. 3 Great – Swampert. …
  4. 4 Not So Great – Lanturn. …
  5. 5 Great – Wailord. …
  6. 6 Not So Great – Luvdisc. …
  7. 7 Great – Gyarados. …
  8. 8 Not So Great – Crawdaunt. …

Can Marill use Surf?

In A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!, a Marill was one of the Water-type Pokémon brought home by Lola. She used it against Flint’s Golem in a battle for the title of Gym Leader of the Pewter Gym. It won using the waves of the water to Surf against Golem.