When you fly a dive flag you must?

What is the most important feature of a weight belt?

What is the most important feature of weight belts? It has to be easy to get rid of it when needed! If there is any emergency situation and you need to take it off underwater, it needs to be done with one hand. Always be completely familiar with the quick release system of your belt and with your buddy’s belt too!

What is the primary function of a dive flag?

Explanation: The primary function of a dive flag is to warn boaters that there are divers in the area.

How close should a diver stay to a dive flag?

Vessels must remain at least 50 feet away from the flag. If they have to approach the diving area, operators must have permission from the person who placed the flag or the boat displaying the flag. Outside of 50 feet, vessel operators must operate at “idle speed” out to a distance of 150 feet.

How close should I swim to my dive flag?

Please use common sense and courtesy. All vessels must navigate so as to avoid injury to the diver or interference with the vessel or floating object. DoT recommends where possible skippers maintain a distance of more than 100 metres from a vessel or buoy displaying a dive flag.

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Why do weightlifters scream?

The variety of grunts and screams that weightlifters let out before their battle with gravity isn’t just for show. It’s to “let the weights know you’re coming” in the mental buildup before a big lift, said Joe Micela, coach of U.S. weightlifter Sarah Robles.

Should you fully inflate your BC before putting it on?

Before putting your BC on like a jacket at the surface, you should fully inflate it.

What are the 3 A’s of buoyancy?

At this point, you’ve really only covered three skills: Regulator breathing. Proper weighting. Breath control.

What is a reverse block in scuba diving?

If you feel pressure in your ear or sinuses while ascending from your dive, you are experiencing a reverse block. A reverse block is caused by mucus preventing air bubbles in your middle ear, tissues or sinuses from escaping our body.

What do the two types of diver down flags look like?

There are Two Types of Diver Down Flags

It is red with a white stripe running across it diagonally. … However, the other diver down flag to know is the blue and white Alpha Flag. This is internationally used to indicate that a boat or vessel has divers in the water.