What size wakeboard do pros ride?

What size wakeboard do pros use?

Wakeboard size chart

Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length (cm)
90 – 150 40 – 65 130 – 134
130 – 180 59 – 82 135 – 139
170 – 250 77 – 113 140 – 144
200 – 275+ 91 – 125+ > 144

Is a 150 wakeboard too big?

For a rider less than 100 pounds in weight, the board should be 130 cm or shorter. Other riders should pick boards as follows: Between 90 and 150 pounds – pick a board between 130 and 134 cm. 130 to 180 pounds – board between 135 and 140 cm.

What size wakeboard should I ride?

Common Height & Weight Rule

Different sizing guidelines apply to different wakeboard shapes. A good rule of thumb is, if multiple riders are going to be using the same board, base your selection on the weight & height of the heaviest rider. Larger boards are also wider which also provides more lift and softer landings.

How fast do pro wakeboarders ride?

Advanced riders will usually exceed 23 mph (but not typically beyond 25 mph).

Can fat guys wakeboard?

Being a bigger guy does not mean you need to miss out on wakeboarding. With today’s options, there are many boards and bindings that are great for larger riders.

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What size board does Shaun Murray use?

This time he rides on the Murray Jr kids wakeboard, it’s only a 120cm board !

Are wakeboards one size fits all?

In general, anyone can ride any shape wakeboard as long as it is large enough. Some shapes make it easier to learn, but a “beginner” should not shy away from an “advanced” board shape.

How fast should you tow a tube?

When towing young kids on tubes, keep the speed between 8 and 12 MPH. The younger the age, the slower the speed. When towing teenagers/adults on tubes, keep the speed from 15 to 20 MPH.

How fast should a beginner wakeboard?

Going somewhere between 12 and 15 miles per hour is ideal for beginners learning how to ride as it is steady speed that helps them gain confidence on the board. As they get more comfortable, you can then start going up in speed to 18 miles per hour.