What size kitesurfing board do I need?

How much wind do I need for a 12m kite?

The first part of this question is based on your riding skills. Many pros can go out in winds over 40mph with a small kite and loads of experience. The average rider will start with a kite in the 10-12 meter size range and be able to comfortably kite from about 12-20 mph.

What size twin tip should I ride?

2: Weight to board size – this is really important for a rider weight of around 70kgs we would suggest a 135 x 41 cm – 140 x 42 cm and for a rider over 70kgs – 138 x 42 cm to 144 x 44cm.

What is a twin tip board?

A twintip kiteboard is a kitesurf board which can go two directions without having to turn it 180 degrees. Twintips are the most commonly used kitesurf boards worldwide because they offer a lot of freedom while kitesurfing. … Freeride kiters also ride a twintip thanks to their playful character and ability to jump.

How much wind does it take to fly a kite?

Some kites are heavier and need more wind. Others are especially made to fly in light wind. But most kites are made to fly in average winds of between four and ten miles per hour. If you can feel the wind on your face, there is probably enough to fly.

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How much wind do I need for a trainer kite?

How Much Wind Do I Need to Fly My Trainer Kite? Short Answer: 7 mph or above. As a beginner, the 7-14 wind range is a good place to start. I would say 7 mph is a bare minimum if the wind is steady.

Is kitesurfing like surfing?

Both surfing and kitesurfing have a steep learning curve. Learning to kitesurf, however, is generally much faster than learning to surf. Given the right conditions and gear, you can go from newbie to kitesurfing in waves within a few weeks.