What length bodyboard should I get?

What is adult bodyboard size?

Southern Swells Adult Bodyboard

Our 40 – 45 inch Southern Swells Bodyboards are ideal sizes for adults wanting to join the kids in the sea. They are a perfect entry-level board but with enough technical features to be able to consistently ride waves and enjoy bodyboarding.

Can bodyboards be too big?

Size / Weight

If you don’t float enough, it means that your bodyboard is too small and it will be very difficult to catch waves. But if your board is too big, it may be easy to catch wave, but it’s going to be very hard to control it on the face of the wave, especially in powerful waves.

Where should you kick your feet for the best propulsion and fastest movement while bodyboarding?

Kick both feet in the water for better propulsion and higher speed.

How much weight can a boogie board hold?

That’s right the board’s minimal weight limit is 250lbs. Designed to help carry an individual of larger stock, the extra-wide width and thicker board gives riders a chance to race the waves to shore without feeling as though they are about to crash into the ocean floor.

How wide is a bodyboard?

Standard board lengths are between 38″ and 46″.

Board Length.

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Board Length Your Weight (lbs) Your Height (ft/in)
36″ – 38 65 – 85 4′ – 5′
39″ 85 – 115 4’6″ – 5’2″
40″ 110 – 130 5’3″- 5’6″
41″ – 41.75″ 125 – 170 5’7″ – 5’9″

Is body boarding easier than surfing?

Yes, bodyboarding is easier than surfing because you don’t need to stand up, making it a good starting point for young learner surfers, but remember that advanced bodyboarding can also be very hard, as we’ll look at in more detail below.

How much does a good boogie board cost?

You can find basic boogie boards for as little as $30, while professional-grade boards can cost more than $500. Expect to pay between $80-$150 for a decent bodyboard for recreational use.