What are the best earplugs for surfing?

How can I protect my ears from surfing?

The best way to prevent surfer’s ear is to wear ear plugs while surfing. Other methods of prevention include wearing a hood or special headband that covers and seals the ears. Wearing ear plugs and a hood or headband together adds even more protection.

Do Surf ears stay in?

With the right fit SurfEars are designed to stay in your ear even during heavy wipeouts and are proven to do so most of the time. There is no guarantee though and accidents where plugs fall out may occur. If you use the leash the risk of losing your plugs will be eliminated!

How do you know if you have surfers ear?

Surfer’s ear is usually asymptomatic but can cause symptoms such as hearing loss, recurrent infections, otorrhea, a sensation of aural fullness, and cerumen impaction. Treatment usually involves medical management but may include surgery if symptoms become severe.

Does wearing a hood prevent surfers ear?

Not only is your head the most sensitive part of your entire body to the cold but wearing a hood will also help prevent surfer’s ear. Hoods come in a few different shapes, those who want the bare minimum should check out something like a squid lid.

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Can you get surfers ear in warm water?

The condition is so named due to its prevalence among cold water surfers. Warm water surfers are also at risk for exostosis due to the evaporative cooling caused by wind and the presence of water in the ear canal.

Surfer’s ear
Exostoses in the ear canal, as seen through otoscopy
Specialty ENT surgery

How long does it take to develop surfers ear?

Most patients develop the surfer’s ear in their mid-30s. Exostoses present as small bony lumps within the external ear canal. These lumps are very slow growing and typically take years to develop. They develop as thin layers of bone growth due to the stimulation of cold water or air.

Can surfers ear go away?

Sound must travel from the outer ear to the middle and inner ear, but with the constriction caused by abnormal bone growth, sound is blocked. This results in a temporary type of hearing loss. Exostosis, once developed, stays forever without medical treatment.

How do you dry your ears after surfing?


  1. Earplugs: Find ones that work for you. …
  2. Ear drops: After surfing, use ear drops to help dry the water caught in the canal. …
  3. Blow dryer: Following a surf session, put a hair dryer on low heat and move it back and forth over the ear to evaporate water.